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Dynamo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A dynamo is an electrical generator that produces direct current with the use of a commutator. Dynamos were the first electrical generators capable of delivering ...
Dynamo - Wikipedia
Een dynamo of gelijkstroomgenerator is een machine waarin mechanische energie , binnenkomend via een draaiende as, omgezet wordt in elektrische gelijkstroomenergie .

Pittsburgh Dynamo Soccer
The EQT Pittsburgh International Children’s Festival would like to extend an offer to the Pittsburgh Dynamo Youth Soccer Club for Invisi’BALL, which is one of ...

Dynamo FC > Home
Dynamo FC was formed in 1978, to became the premier youth soccer club in Indiana. How it all began THE STORY OF A SOCCER CLUB (as published locally)

Dynamo theory - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In geophysics, the dynamo theory proposes a mechanism [which?] by which a celestial body such as Earth or a star generates a magnetic field. The dynamo theory ...

Dynamo Soccer Club
Dynamo is pleased to announce the tryout dates for our Fall 2014-Spring 2015 travel teams. Dynamo is looking for talented players that want to be coached and play at ...


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