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LINKS - All the latest football press, news and gossip from around the league. NFL and college reports round-ups, match reports, standings, and competitions.

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Bets On The Superbowl
Bets on the Super Bowl 43 are being taken now at online sports books, so it's worth your visit to find one tailored for you. Offering the kind of bets on NFL football and other sports you want, with great signup bonus and deposit freebies. Our gambling guide offers handicappers, free picks, online sportsbook recommendations. With the best Las Vegas odds you could find if you were in Nevada, but right at your computer. Bet on point spreads, totals, half time scores, more. But you will need football news, with matchups, odds and picks, injury reports, player and team stats and standings, and game analysis to make your wagers. The biggest game of the year is always better when you get your bets on the Super Bowl XLIII team of your choice. No one knows who'll be there in Tampa Bay this February. Titans, Giants, Panthers, Steelers?

Football News Desk
The football news desk. NFl and college football news, scores, standings, schedules, results and online reports.

Fantasy Superbowl
Fantasy Superbowl prediction. It's only the beginning of the 2008/2009 football season but its time to make your Fantasy Superbowl predictions. Check out game-by-game fantasy matchups and good luck.

Football Ticket Exchange
NFL and College football ticket exchange. Buy game tickets online for your favorite football teams.
The latest NFL Football news, scores, stats, reviews and online sportsbooks.

Pro Football Facts
NFL pro football facts you might like to know. History of the NFL and the Super Bowl. Pro player bios, personal bests and stats, enough to provide a good background if you're building a fantasy football team, or just a true fan. MVPs through the years, trivia, coaches and their rankings. Also, a general overview of the current standing of pro NFL teams and players now, with insightful expert sports analysis. We're betting you don't know all the facts of pro football, but you can learn enough to make you feel more part of the game. Trends, results, scores.

Football Super Picks
Offers football super picks from handicapping experts amd online sportsbooks.

Football Player Updates
Get football player updates directly from online sports services. Find out who is playing this week and who was put on the injury roster.

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