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Ohio man arrested for alleged rape, tells cops he is surprised more women haven't come forward
The investigation began Sunday night, when 21-year-old Shirley Koval went to police and reluctantly described how she'd met Smith through an online dating service, and had spent time with him, and some of her friends, about a week ago, The Columbus ...

Teen Starts Kickstarter to Pay for College Applications
The applications are only the beginning. “My dad thought the Common Application was submitted once and you pay a one-time fee and it’s done,” said Mollie Koval, a senior at New Albany High School. “I had to break his little heart and tell him that ...

NAACP plans to take concerns of militarization to MPD chief
And Tuesday night, during a Dane County NAACP meeting, executive members approved taking those concerns to Madison Police Chief Mike Koval. Dane County NAACP leaders have officially requested a meeting with Koval to discuss what they call the Madison ...

The Proof: Several sips for late summer
I want to try the next thing, the new thing, the thing I haven’t tried before. That’s how I discover Koval Oat Whiskey, tucked on the top shelf at Johnnie Ganem’s Package and Wine Shop. It sits in a row with several other offerings from Koval ...

Police: Man on dating website admits to raping a half-dozen women
When Terry J. Smith Jr. dropped Shirley Koval off at a Hilltop intersection early on Sunday morning, he likely figured she’d say nothing. None of the others that police say were raped by Smith had reported it, silenced by a combination of fear ...

Driver pleads not guilty to manslaughter in crash death of veteran
JOSHUA TREE — As Christine Koval watched, the man accused of hitting and killing her husband in a March 3 collision pleaded not guilty to vehicular manslaughter and hit-and-run Wednesday, July 23, in

Canton Borough kicks off 150th anniversary celebration
Pool manager Kari Koval estimated that about 60 people showed up to splash around and have fun. "There's not usually that much people here," she said, as kids jumped off the diving board and had fun in the water. The 60th anniversary of the pool was also ...

The $2,400 Debt That Wouldn't Die
Austin’s lawyer, Steven Koval, said Hanna’s argument is “a bunch of baloney.” “It doesn’t pass the smell test,” Koval said. “My reaction when I saw the case was ‘This can’t be right. It’s just unfair.’” Once Austin paid the money ...

Republic FC win sixth road victory
Goals by JJ Koval and Justin Braun secure Sacramento Republic FC's league-leading sixth road victory of the season. With the win Republic FC moves past LA Galaxy II into third place in the USL PRO standings.

Madison police chief reacts to Ferguson
The police response to demonstrations in Ferguson has received nationwide attention, with critics saying the scene looks like something out of a war zone as officers use tanks and combat armor. You can find some of that same military equipment at the Madison Police Department, but Chief Michael Koval said it’s not the first strategy his officers turn to in a heated situation. “You go in working ...

Wyler Mighty Wurlitzer: Organists bring the Plaza Theatre to life
A day before the Plaza Classic Film Festival started, organist Laurie Sebastian Koval sat on the bench of the Mighty Wyler Wurlitzer inside a sleepy Plaza Theatre. ›› Photos: Plaza Classic Film Festival organists

NAACP plans to take concerns of militarization to MPD chief
A big theme coming out of Ferguson is the question over militarizing local law enforcement. And Tuesday night, during a Dane County NAACP meeting, executive members approved taking those concerns to Madison Police Chief Mike Koval.

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